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*New Animal Volunteer Group* @ Valencia WC [10 Jun 2007|01:11am]

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I wanted to inform all of you that O.C. Paw Partners is a new group devoted to helping animals, for Valencia Students! Please check out the new homepage at:
This is a new group but we need a lot of support to get this club up and running, so please if you're interested in getting involved or have any questions dont hesitate to email me through myspace or yahoo email.



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Apartment for Rent [25 Apr 2007|08:59pm]

1 bedroom available for male or female to sublease in a 3/3 apartment shared with 2 females. The apartment is located in Auvers Villages, located mile or so from University/Semoran, and about 10 min. from campus. The lease is up in August, and you can renew if you would like. The original rent is $348 plus utilities, but I am willing to negotiate. You can move in as soon as you would like.

The complex is really pretty with nice landscaping and it is really quiet. I lived there for these reasons...no campus cops, no loud parties, no armed robberies. I am willing to leave my bed, desk, and other furniture in the room if you need to borrow if for a couple months. If not, I can gladly put it in storage.

My roommates are in their fourth years of school, and they are both responsible, fun students at UCF. I am graduatng and looking to spend the summer overseas before starting law school, so I am just looking to save someone some money and offer up some cheap rent. =)

Contact: CL.Kimball@gmail.com
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intermmmmediate algebra! [20 Sep 2006|10:42pm]

i wanted to find out if anyone has a my math lab code that they've never used for Intermediate Algebra. i'll pay for the code, if you want.

The book is called Intermediate Algebra, 10th edition by Bittinger and some other names.

i need it and i don't want to buy the book--i'm using the 9th edition cause i got it for cheap and it has the same stuff in it.

Please?! leave me a comment!
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Boxelder LIVE at AKA Lounge! [29 Mar 2006|10:35am]


Boxelder, New School Drop Outs LIVE at AKA Lounge Boxelder, New School Drop Outs, Carnivalarrest LIVE at AKA Lounge

Fri. March 31st @ AKA Lounge

Boxelder and New School Drop Outs
with Special Guests Carnivalarrest

18 and over 10PM
Fund Raiser for NORML@UCF
68 E Pine Street in Orlando, FL

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Students Take the Feds to Court [22 Mar 2006|03:25pm]

Over 170,000 students have been denied federal financial aid because of a drug conviction because of the Higher Education Act Drug Provison.

Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) and the American Civil Liberties Union are looking for students who have lost their aid and want to sue the government to get their tution back.

If you or someone you know has lost financial aid because of a drug conviction, contact Student for a Sensible Drug Policy at (202) 293-4414
or ssdp@ssdp.org.

Ealier this year NORML@UCF sponsored a UCF Senate resolution which called for the repeal of the Higher Education Act Drug Provision. Because of our efforts, along with the efforts of over 126 universities nationwide, Congress was recently forced to scale back the penalty's reach earlier this year. Under the new law, people with past convictions on their records will regain their eligibility, but people who are enrolled in college at the time of their conviction will still lose their financial aid. While this reform is certainly a major achievement (being the first time a bad federal drug law has been scaled back in nearly a decade), SSDP and NORML@UCF will not rest until the provision is done away with altogether.

Please feel free to contact NORML@UCF for general questions about the Drug Provision.

Click here more information about the suit or the HEA Drug Provision, including a PDF file of the formal complaint. Help us give all student equal access to higher education!

If you are are interested in becoming a future member of Students for a Sensible Drug Policy at UCF (SSDP at UCF) and the Campaign for Campus Change 2006, please join the Facebook group.

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Heads vs. Feds: The GREAT MARIJUANA Debate THIS Monday! [17 Mar 2006|09:43am]

NORML@UCF and CAB present:

Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Executive Director of Students for Sensible Drug

Coming to you LIVE and unscripted in the

Visit NORML@UCF for information on this and other upcoming evets!

Heads vs. Feds: The Great Marijuana Debate is coming to you live and unscripted THIS Monday at 7:00pm in the UCF Pegasus Ballroom!

Heads vs. Feds is brought to you by your Campus Actities Board in cooperation with NORML@UCF.
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Pink Floyd TONIGHT ONLY at Midnight! [24 Feb 2006|11:27am]

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[03 Oct 2005|10:38pm]

Word to the Wise: If you are at west and are going to be taking pre-algebra or beginning algebra...DONT DONT DONT choose Ms. Cooley, she is AWFUL. She gives terrible notes and tells us that she said certain things in the past for us to do that we were NEVER told. Don't make the mistake that I did...DO NOT choose her.
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[22 Sep 2005|10:09pm]

You can now manage your schools on livejournal. I'm trying to spread the word so more people will do it - there's hardly anyone listed for any of my schools right now. I figure if I put it in here, maybe a few other people can pass it to their friends and it'll spread.

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[21 Aug 2005|07:07pm]
anyone have the spanish book and cd Panorama, 2nd edition that they want to sell for cheap?

i am poor.
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Books for Sale Cross-Post [12 Aug 2005|02:35am]

Hey peeps,

Hope you are all enjoying your summer breaks. I am just attempting to sell some of the books i wont be needing any more.

I hope i can find a few people to appeal to

1. Becoming a Master Student ISBN: 0-618-20678-7, condition: like new, price: $15
2. Foundations of Earth Science ISBN:0-13-146103-6, condition: acceptable, price : 10 (CD ROM included)
3. Adventures in the Human Spirit ISBN: 0-13-092179-3, condition: acceptable, price $25 OBO
4. Intermediate Algebra -A just in time approach ISBN: 0-534-39663-1, condition: very good price $30 OBO (CD Rom included)
5. Modeling, Functions, and Graphs-Algebra for college students ISBN: 0-534-36832-8, condition: acceptable, price $18
6. Mathematics beyond the numbers ISBN: 0-471-13934-3, condition: acceptable, price: $20 OBO
7. Skill-building-Building Speed and Accuracy on the Keyboard ISBN: 0-07-295695-X, condition: like new, price $35 (i will even include Naturally speaking booklet)
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Photography [05 Aug 2005|04:37pm]

Anyone take Photography? If so, what type of camera do I need? I know it needs to be film but I don't know what brand or anything. Thanks.
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need a place to live? well i need a room mate [08 Jul 2005|03:35pm]

hey kiddies, i'm looking for a room mate. You might be asking yourselves what is the rent and what it includes.

Rent 600/month - yeah it's pricey but it does include room and board. all utilities. digital cable, dsl, water, and electric.

The room is a spacious room, with a bathroom including a stand up shower, full vanity, and toilet. Next to the room is a living space, a small living room. Garage. Kitchen upstairs with all appliances.

I live near the metrowest area. 10 minutes from downtown orlando and universal studios. Close to Mall of Milenia and West Oaks Mall. 5 minutes to vcc west.

You have your own entry into the home through the two car garage.

need more info? contact me here. or AIM - negative nancyx
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Stackable Washer n Dryer? [26 Apr 2005|05:40pm]

So my fiance and I are looking for a stackable washer n Dryer... does anyone have one that they want to sell for cheap? We don't necessarily need it right this minute (June 24th, we will) but if it needs to be gone like now, let me know. Thanks!

Xposted anywhere!
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[18 Apr 2005|02:37pm]

I am wondering how the Labs work for certain classes. Like MicroBio for instance.

Classes 2 days a week, but on one of those days, the time is extended by 3 hours...

How does this work? Is it EVERY week that one of these days gets extended? That seems like so much time....

And for those who have taken microbio, what do the labs consist of, usually?
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facebook issues?! [17 Apr 2005|09:09pm]

Anyone having trouble registering for facebook? it keeps telling me my email address is invalid.... i'm using the atlas school email crap but its still not letting me... whats up with that? any suggestions?
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[07 Apr 2005|10:51am]
i just wanted to find out if anyone had taken Professions of Caring online and could give me a basic idea of how it works, what the assignments are like, how often i should plan to spend doing work and so on.

also, does anyone know any relatively easy classes i could take to boost my gpa? thanks!
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[08 Mar 2005|01:34pm]

any of you in the nursing program? I would LOVE to be able to ask you a few questions if you wouldnt mind...

My AIm is CaesiusAmor and my email is caesius.amor@gmail.com.

It would be GREATLY appriciated...
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[26 Jan 2005|12:35am]

Hey everyone,
I'm looking for a plastic or metal dog crate/carrier. I need to bring my dog back up to Jersey when I move but I need to get a carrier/crate for cheap. She's a medium sized dog and about 35 pounds. I need one about 30" high. If anyone has one for sale for cheap or knows anyone who has one for sale please let me know ASAP. Thanks so much =)
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[13 Jan 2005|07:06am]

Anyone willing to sell a Ti-83 or Ti-83+?
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